Tratamientos profesionales que se adaptan a la historia de tu piel en cada momento de tu vida.

“Germaine is a brand entirely devoted to professional aesthetics and, consequently, to beauty and the needs of women; women who entrust themselves to their beauty therapist and have faith that they will care for and treat them as if they were special, unique and irreplaceable, because indeed they are.”

Carmen Vidal, founder of Germaine de Capuccini

Beauty is an attitude

Our goal is to ensure every woman feels beautiful, regardless of age. Beauty lies on the inside as well as the outside. The better your feel about yourself, the more radiant you'll appear.

To enhance your natural beauty, simply trust in our experts who will support you with specific care tailored to suit each skin need.


Carmen Vidal founds Germaine de Capuccini. Her first beauty institute offering clients treatments she made herself.


Own laboratory. The first factory with warehouses, a laboratory and offices is opened in Alcoy.


An icon is born: Repair Night Progress. One of the firm's benchmark treatments, with its formula bringing together the latest technological advances and the most powerful active ingredients discovered thanks to more than three decades of work.


. International expansion. The brand commences its internationalisation process. Today, it has reached more than 80 countries.


Launch of the Spa range. A careful selection of therapies that offer skin health and emotional well-being to ensure perfect harmony between body, mind and soul.


The origin of Timexpert. Germaine de Capuccini's firm focus on an anti-ageing line that combines quality and efficacy.


Creation of the Kirei method. An exclusive, age-old technique combining the biological effect of products with the action provided by the application method.


Epigenetics. The first skincare company to work with Epigenol in its formulas.


Patented HLG Nanopolymer. Exclusive use of a global patent for a revolutionary active ingredient is obtained.


Expert Lab. New cosmeceuticals line with state-of-the-art professional equipment offering high dermatological efficacy.

All skin tells a story

And Germaine de Capuccini forms a part of all of them. We'll support you wherever you go: during special moments, during life changes, in your daily lives, in the morning and at night, from your youth to maturity.

A full cosmetic routine will help you feel comfortable in your own skin by allowing you to experience a notable before and after from first application.

Tu bienestar, nuestra prioridad

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Conoce nuestra historia

Experts in time

Thanks to our own laboratory, we create unique formulas and advanced technology that freeze time. Its facilities span 18,000 square metres and are equipped with the latest technology that pushes research, development and innovation to the limit to achieve high-quality formulas and guarantee maximum efficacy and safety.

Germaine de Capuccini boasts the exclusive use of the global patent in the cosmetic sector for the HLG nanopolymer. This revolutionary ingredient maximises the benefits of formulas, penetrating skin more deeply to achieve results that last over time.

A history of achievement

Carmen Vidal, who is considered the creator of the first cosmetics empire in Spain, was a visionary regarding the modern woman's concerns in skincare, viewing it as a synthesis of the balance between beauty and health.